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Hykee Lock Barrels

We are now able to offer a replacement door lock for Ford Transit vehicles.

This lock is only suitable for fitting to all Ford vans.

Commonly known as a “Hykee Rep Lock”.

We simply replace the original driver's door lock barrel with a secure alternative. This replacement will stop the use of skeleton type keys gaining access to your vehicle.

Thieves are breaking into Transit Vans by picking the Ford Tibbe Door Lock (Picks can be found Online), decoding the key and then opening all the doors.

From here they can steal the van in its entirety by overriding the immobiliser via the OBD socket or empty the contents from the unlocked load area.

Our Unique Direct Replacement High-Security Door Lock replaces the vulnerable OE Lock and requires no drilling or adjusting of the OE mechanism setup. This device is fitted in 15 minutes and is the perfect solution to this problem.

Why waste time fitting a cover that will not protect you from this method of attack?

We strongly recommend fitting a Hikee Barrel as part of your Dead Lock package.

Hykee Barrel & Standard Dead Lock Kit Cost

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