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Motorbike Security

Motorbike Security

As approved installers for Biketrac, Vodafone Automotive and Starline, we are able to provide a suitable solution to all types of Motorcycle, off-road vehicle or ATV. 

Effective security for motorcycles and ATV's is a challenge in its self due to the ease at which these types of vehicles can be taken along with the challenge of some vehicles not able to stand the power draw of a conventional alarm or tracking system. 

Given the nature of the vehicles, it's important to supply a product that is both hardwearing, and secure. 

The following may be suitable for your vehicle:

  • Vodafone VVD - Battery operated tracking system available with a 1or 2-year subscription - suitable for MX/off-road bikes, trailers, horseboxes, plant equipment.
  • BikeTrac Tracking - Thatcham approved devices hard-wired into the vehicle with a live app and user controls - Suitable for all road motorcycles, ATV's and plant equipment.
  • Motorcycle Alarm Systems - Hard wired into a vehicle, with the added support of the immobiliser function - Suitable as an additional security feature to the Thatcham tracking systems.

Due to the complex nature of securing Motorcycles and ATV's please give us a call to discuss the best possible solution for your vehicle.

Vodafone Automotive VVD Tracker

  • Small & lightweight
  • Easy to fit, easy to hide
  • Transferable between vehicles
  • Location transmitted once or twice a day
  • GPS tracking on demand if stolen
  • Backup GSM cell triangulation if GPS signal is lost
  • Connected to the Vodafone network infrastructure
  • Affordable tracking system battery life 12/24 months depending on wake up mode frequency
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Bike Trac Tracking system 

  • Stealth Installation
  • 24-7 Operations Center
  • Bike Down Alerts
  • Self Maintaining
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Records Journeys
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Starline V66 Bike Alarm 

  • Bluetooth Smart Autorization
  • Radio Noise Immunity
  • Smart 3D Sensor
  • Trunk Protection
  • Record Energy Efficiency
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • GSM Telematics and GPS Tracking (option)
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Siren
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