NEW Viesa Holiday llls 12 Volt Motorhome Air Conditioner your cleaner, greener, camper cooler.

Thousands of units sold throughout Europe annually to satisfied motorhome owners and now available in the UK.  The Viesa Holiday IIIs is a very efficient  12 Volt Roof Top Air Conditioner designed specifically for motorhomes, camper vans or caravans that uses the very latest technology to keep you cool and create a natural and immediate feeling of comfort and well-being that you can use anytime, anywhere even without an electric hook up if required.


Why choose a Viesa Holiday IIIs 12 Volt Motorhome Air Conditioner ? 

  • 12 Volt Operation economical to run
  • It can also be operated while the vehicle is in motion 
  • Prevents excessive surges in temperature
  • Ecologically-friendly: no oil, gasses or chemical additives
  • Low power absorption: 12 volt operation (no need to have EHU or the engine running to use)
  • Silent operation: thanks to an advanced centrifugal pump
  • Healthy: purifies air through a system of filters
  • Thousands of motorhome enthusiasts in Europe confirm its efficiency
  • Creates a comfortable environment: it maintains a constant rate of humidity
  • Natural: it removes body heat through the principle of evaporation
  • Viesa brand chosen by haulage companies for trucks worldwide
  • Priced from only £1880.00 Fully Installed.
  • 0% finance option available over 3,4 or 6 monthly payments.

The Holiday III is manufactured entirely using “Made in Italy” components (except for the special Colven patented filter, made of a weave of strands of three different types of wood), and assembled at the Montemurlo production site of Ital Colven, a subsidiary of the Colven group from Argentine. The 12 volt electronic control unit has an LCD display that allows to set all the conditioner’s functions and can be remotely controlled using the provided unit. The system can monitor the battery charge and shuts itself off automatically in the event of low voltage (10.5V), in order to prevent possible damage to the accumulators. Multiple safety protection systems are designed to intervene in the event of a water failure (buzzer signal and pump auto-shutoff), reverse polarity, or operating malfunctions of some components. Twentyfive fan speeds available, with a start/stop programming control timer and a “fan only” function (with the pump disabled). Designed to refresh an environment of no more than 8 linear meters, and with a maximum of 4 people on board, the Holiday III operates at 12 Volt and is installed at the center of the passenger cabin where usually a standard (40 x 40 cm) or midi (50 x 70 cm) porthole is located. It is directly connected to the vehicle’s water system. Filtered, refreshed air is blow through 4 adjustable and independent diffusers that are integrated into the ABS cover fitted onto to the porthole. The cover also features an elegant external frame that can accommodate four integrated spotlights (optional).

Evaporative air coolers work by lowering the perceived temperature, i.e. the heat our body feels. This value is influenced by four different factors: the ambient temperature, relative humidity (i.e. the ratio between the quantity of water vapour contained in a given mass of air, and the maximum quantity of water vapour the mass of air can contain under the same temperature and pressure conditions, measured as a percentage), ventilation, and humidity density. The Viesa evaporative conditioner controls all four of these factors to create a feeling of personal well-being, rather than on the surrounding environment. This provides a proper evaporation of humidity on the skin, a phenomenon whose effect is to remove heat. The cooling process starts with the evaporation of water from the filter surfaces, thus lowering the temperature. Cooled air then enters the cabin at an optimal relative humidity of 40–60%, and at a very low density. Stabilizing the internal relative humidity is essential, since if the air is too damp it is harder – or even impossible – to allow perspiration to evaporate. Similarly, humid air introduced at a low density (i.e. with tiny nebulized droplets measuring 0.002 microns) enables moisture to be distributed over a larger surface, facilitating faster evaporation. Evaporation is further promoted by forced ventilation from the cooler.


Current consumption (12 Volts):Min – 1,3 Ah – 15,6 Watt/hour
Max – 5,8 Ah – 69,6 Watt/hourWater Consumption:0,5 to 1,5 litres/hourWeight:19 kg empty/20,5 kg fully loadedSize:Height: 21 cm
Length: 83 cm
Width: 75 cmAirflow:Max 19 cubic meters/minuteDimensions of internal grille56x56x8 (H) cm.(40x40cm porthole)56x84x8 (H) cm.(50x70cm porthole)

Operating temperature:Min 5°C/Max 50°C air temperatureVoltagge:12 Volt DCFan speeds:24Filter evaporator composed of three natural fibres










Installation of your Viesa Holiday llls 12 Volt Air Conditioning unit can take place within the day at our approved workshop. The roof mounted cooler fits into an existing 400 x 400 skylight where available, or into larger apertures with an adaptor, or the position can be cut into the roof (additional cost maybe incurred). Please enquire for your no obligation FREE quotation, giving us the make and model of your vehicle. Remember that the Viesa Holiday llls is the only 12 Volt Air Conditioning unit designed especially for motorhomes, camper vans or indeed caravans, allowing you the benefits of being able to camp "off grid" without using campsites, and it is especially suited to those who travel with their pets and want to leave them safely in the van when visiting tourist attractions. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us today to find out more about this amazing 12 volt motorhome air conditioning unit.


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