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Welcome to StarLine Systems UK

StarLine is the UK’s fastest-growing professional automotive security solutions provider to both private and commercial vehicle owners.

Starline systems the UK are continuously updating their products in order to ensure reliable and up-to-date protection of any vehicle, particularly those heavily targeted by thieves in the UK. As an approved Starline systems UK installer we aim to always stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Starline's 6th generation automotive security ecosystems are a product of extensive, ongoing research into car crime, 30+ years of expertise in the field, and relentless pursuit of perfection on part of our engineers. These are some of the factors that make our systems possibly the most advanced and innovative vehicle anti-theft solutions available on the global market today.

Our UK product range reflects the needs of vehicle owners and is designed to effectively counter all known techniques and methods currently being used by criminals in the UK, as well as those predicted to surface in the near future.

Our 6th generation vehicle security systems are very adaptable, responsive, and highly customisable. Thanks to 2CAN/2LIN interface present in all of our current products, they will adapt to almost any vehicle, ensuring seamless integration and minimal intrusion to original wiring; the system will function as though it’s native to the vehicle.

All StarLine systems can be upgraded with optional components, so, essentially, customers can design their own vehicle security package taking into account their individual preferences and their vehicle’s risk factors. As Starline-approved partners, we are trained to offer every assistance in choosing the right package.

StarLine vehicle security equipment is for professional installation only. It can only be obtained and installed through a network of Authorised Partners. If you install your StarLine vehicle security package at a non-authorised company, product warranty will be lost and you will not be eligible for any product support. Also, our Partners will not install StarLine products purchased outside of Great Britain and StarLine Systems UK Ltd. does not provide support for StarLine products imported from abroad (such products will have a non-UK serial number).

StarLine i96

£350.00 fitted

The Starline i96 is an intelligent immobiliser system -- the embodiment of the very latest vehicle
anti-theft technologies based on extensive research of the prevailing trends in automotive crime on a
global scale, the comfort and security needs of the modern user, and the complicated nature of
modern vehicles' on-board electronics.

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StarLine M66

 from £350.00


StarLine M66 GPS+GLONASS tracker designed
to provide smart monitoring service and
reliable anti-theft protection to private and
commercial vehicle owners.
Welcome check the available features at free
and intuitive monitoring service

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StarLine S96

from £820.00

The Starline S96 is a professional OEM super-upgrade CAN-BUS vehicle security system with 2CAN/2LIN,
Bluetooth Smart, and GSM interfaces. Designed for the contemporary user, who does not want any
additional aftermarket fobs; the system is fully integrated with the vehicle’s factory fob and provides
additional owner authentication options.

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