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Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle CCTV

insurefit specialise in the installation of safety and camera equipment to all heavy goods vehicles. With increasing demands being placed on hauliers to protect their drivers, vehicle contents and the general public, we are able to supply complete CCTV and side-scan safety systems to allow HGV operators to comply with current regulations. All our installations will be approved to fit in line with DVS and all FORS requirements.


 TFL have now released the new updates to the London Direct vision scheme. With all current permits coming to an end at midnight on the 27th Oct 2024, new requirements will come into effect from the 28th of October 2024. New applications will be accepted from the 24th of June 2024, these permits will be effective till 2030.

All vehicles will need to meet the new minimum criteria of 3 stars. 

All current installed kits will be classed as two stars so will need retro fitting to bring the old system into the 2024 standards.

What is the difference between the old systems and the new updates ?

Side scan - this is to be replaced with a system that will only be activated by VRU’s (vulnerable road users) ignoring all road furniture.

MOIS - Moving off information systems, these systems will need to detect any obstacles within 2.2m from the front of the vehicle.

Here at insurefit we can install all new kit as well as retro fitting equipment to bring your vehicles into line with all the new TFL DVS 2024 requirements 

for more information please contact us on 01254 200211 


The equipment required to comply with the 2024 Direct Vision Scheme will consist of

  • Side protection camera/scan that is only activated by VRU’s (vulnerable road users) ignoring road furniture. 
  • Cab mounted monitor.
  • Moving off information system (MOIS).
  • Externally mounted left turn alarm.
  • Class V and V1 mirrors.
  • Side under run bars.
  • Information stickers.

*All European left-hand side drivers need the equivalent for the right-hand side blind spot.

What happens if I don’t have a DVS permit by 28th October 2024?

A hefty fine will be given to both the operator and the driver if the vehicle enters greater London without a DVS safety permit after 28th October 2024.

Vehicle CCTV
Vehicle CCTV

How long is the DVS safety permit valid for?

Three star-rated vehicle permits will be valid until 2030. Three to five-star-rated vehicle safety permits will be valid for 10 years from the date the DVS safety permit was granted.

Side protection and MOIS  Kits when used with Class V and VI mirrors and approved side under-run protection, will achieve a Three Star rating, ensuring the DVS permit is valid for 10 years.

If you require a Five Star rating then additional modification of the vehicle’s windows necessary, to give the driver unhindered vision from the cab to the roadside.

Direct Vision Standard. Customers can incur a fine of 550.00 + VAT from Oct 2024 if they fail to get a permit.

All our equipment is CE marked and is of the highest quality, designed for use within the toughest of conditions. We are able to project manage and complete Uk wide installations to your fleet with downtime being kept to a minimum.

Please contact our sales team for more information on any of our DVS or FORS packages 

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